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    Tuesday, March 19, 2013


    From Evernote:


    It's going. It's not an iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, iNothing. It is/was iGoogle. And it's going. I don't know if any of my friends ever used it.  I don't think I personally know anyone who used it. It was started in 2005 and it will end in 2013.  When I started using It was probably in 2007. I used it religiously for three to four years. I'm sad to see it go. 

    I haven't used it in a long time mainly because of chrome.   It use to be my home page. It's where I first saw the word audrino. Where I first saw lifehacker. Where I learned what a widget was. Where I understood third party vendors. 

    Where I first had a feed of anything I wanted on the web in one hub. A graphical one. Not a live feed like twitter of Facebook with scrolling teeth. A linear view. Hulu widgets. Stock widgets. Customizable search engine widgets. You could create your own widgets. The one thing I couldn't do with it was share it. My i google page was/is amazing.     It still is.  

     Lifehacker. Hack of the day. The dark web.  Blackhats. Dark net. Psp hacks. Where I first saw the word hombrew.  I wish I could share my iGlggle page.  At one time they were promoting the iGoogle feeds of celebrities. I saw Anderson Cooper's feed. I was surprised to see he had. Facebook widget. I had a twitter widget.  I was always searching for widgets. 

    The fact that you could compress a website into a widget and embed on a web hub like a live magical scrapbook. Awesome awesome. 

    I hope someone rips off the iGoogle concept and sells it the right way. It just need the right ambassador and the right guidance,  it wasn't created in a vacuum I'm sure. Facebook was in its infancy when I first started using it. 

    A matter of the time before Facebook was the biggest time waster on the web iGoogle was where I spent my lazy hours soaking in knowledge I will nevere forget. 

    It's. A Tragedy it's going because scrolling time feeds a la twitter does not feel as good as looking at iGoogle pastich of the web that you curated to transform and evolve live infront of you like dancing knomes on a garden of will. 

    When Facebook cought stride and started taking up all the time people spent on the web, iGoogle became a 'what was that?'

    But think back. Back then at the turn of this decade Facebook was all about nostalgia and MySpace was all about the ego and google was all about knowledge. 

    Well the decade is in full swing now and whoe google plus is awe inspiring on the iPad and placid on the desktop and while Flipboard is relaxing and mobile has become viral, there is something to be said about faith in one product. 

    I saw what was happening and I said to myself, 'google has nothing to fear from facebook because all they have to do is make iGoogle social' and reclaim they're dominance.'

    Well I guess that didn't happen did it?

    Keith Nation

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