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    Tuesday, September 22, 2015

    And Still Goin...

    Memoirs of a live unlived.

    Look at that kid.  He's young, 25, tall, 6'2, strong, fit, and blind in his mind.

    Look at this man, he's not so young, 34, tall, 6'2, not at strong as he used to be, not as fit as he used to be.  Still bound in his mind.

    We are all blind.  Worse is the one who can see, but has conformed to the comforts of inaction.

    That kid built a studio, created music and artwork for fun, worked for money to fund a dream.

    That man gave up on dreams, the dream was to make money.  And once he got that, the dream died.

    Resurrection is a thing, being born again is a thing.

    We must be born again, renewed, the rebel never dies.

    Long live the black rider.

    Hair is thinner, waist is fatter, feet are infested, neck is herniated, patched with titanium.

    Walk strong, stand stronger, immortal, eternal, warrior.

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