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    Sunday, December 31, 2006

    Happy New Year

    I did a lot in 2006. My friend and artist got a record contract and a black eye in the same week to close the year off. But we got a music video done too.
    It's doing well on youtube. We built relationships. All the people we met this year who helped us. Rocky and Pinchers from Island Rock. Bruce Wayne
    Brother Elani, Brother Al Karim, Sanjai, Dimples and Indra from and just recently, Big Fence.
    It's been a good year blogville. Looking back at where we were last year Jan 1 2006 and where we are now Jan 1 2007, I ain't mad. In the words of my Homeboy Profis Culcha, wi nuh tink small want tings inna nuff

    The Black Rider

    Bucket Crab. Happy New Year

    Happy new Year Bloggville

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