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    Friday, November 26, 2010

    The Black Rider Strikes Again part Three: THE CHIEF!

                                              THE INQUISITOR PART THE:  THE CHIEF!

         It was a hot August afternoon.  The temperature was well in the high 90 degrees.  The officers in the precinct were busy filing papers and going through case files.  The chief however sat alone in his office starring at a spinning ceiling fan that just seemed to make his office more hot.  The AC was broke.  the repairman wasn't coming to fix it for another forty eight hours.  The chiefs dress shirt was soaked in sweat painting islands of liquid upon his chest.  The chief was lounging in his leather office chair, feet plopped up on the desk, drinking from a glass of ice water with cubes of ice in it.  His eyes were affixed on an old framed photograph of him from twenty five years ago that was standing on his desk, a photograph of him when he was himself a cadet in the force academy.  He was the same height and weight now that he was back then.  Two hundred and forty five pounds heavy, and seventy seven inches tall.  The chief was not a man that tolerated change much.  The only difference between him now and then is the speed of his gate, and the lines on his hands and his face.  And his teeth were a bit more white in that photograph.  Otherwise, he was the same man.  All of his contemporaries had put on weight, lost weight, lost hair, or lost life altogether.  The chief was the same man.  Just a little older looking, and a little slower.  The heat was beginning to get to the chiefs head.  He fell into a deep summer sleep right there.  His mind drifted back to his days in the academy.  He began to dream and remember at the same time in a hot and humid summer haze...
        (..."Jump!" yelled the drill sergeant.  All the cadets jumped in unison.  The sergeant looked at the boots of every cadet.  He was looking for the cadet that leapt  the furthest from the field.  One cadet, a monster of a man child that simply went by the name Chief, despite his rank in the forces, had the greatest leap among all the other privates.  The sergeant walked right up to Chief's face.  "Well well, you must think you;re special or something eh?  All these guys here are struggling to get twenty four  inches of the ground from standing still, and here you are leaping an effortless forty inches of the ground.  Are you on steroids or something private?"  The sergeant asked.  "Sir, no sir!" Chief replied.
         "My God, look at ya.  You're taller than everyone here, stronger, you are the heaviest private in my barracks, and from what I'm hearing, because I do hear what goes on in here, you are the fastest and strongest too.  All of these boys fear you like you are God among us.  I ask the boys to jump and you fucking fly!"
         Chief looked down on the Sergeant.  His face betrayed no emotion.  The Sergeant was a small man.  all of Sixty Eight inches tall and one hundred and ninety pounds of solid muscle.
        "Well I tell you what..." the Sergeant was now speaking to all the fifty other officers in the field.  " long as I'm in charge of this group, I'm God.  What's your name boy, Chief?  They call you Chief right?  Well Chief come forward." 
         Chief walked forward with no protest.  
         "I challenge you boys to cut this false god 'Chief' down to size.  Any cadet that can come forward and go toe to toe with big Chief here, and defeat him in a fair bare fisted fight, I will award you if you are successful in victory against this freak of nature, three square meals a day from my own personal chef.  No canteen bullshit food for the winner for an entire week.  And I'll allow you to share it with your pals too."
         Chief was perplexed.  His face nor his eyes showed his thoughts but his gut was in knots.  Why was his sergeant turning his own cadets against each other.  And why was he singled out for his God gifted attributes.  Chief had no ambition to supplant the Sergeants authority, nor did he imply that he had any such ideas.
        All the cadets were in a mild shock as well.  They were being put on the spot.  They were all tired of eating the canteen filth sloppy joes and corn dogs.  They had heard that the Sergeant and his ranks were feasting on five star four course meals three times a day.  Asparagus and steak and eggs for breakfast with sausage and sauerkraut.  Baked Zitis with six cheeses and black peppers and red wine for lunch.  Roast deer, ham and ham hock  soup for dinners.  The cadets would almost kill each other to sample this feasting for a week.  Now they had the chance.
        Chief moved his mouth as if to speak, "Hold your excitement Chief, there is something in this for you as well, should you be victorious, I will not only have you and your pals feast for a week, I will make you my assistant, you will learn the ways of our force firsthand.  No private has ever been that close to our sacred secrets at that level before.  Now, what do you want to say?" 
         The truth is the Sergeant had answered Chief's question before he even asked it.  The Chief was now excited as he longed to learn the inner workings and secrets of his force.  
         A skinny and hungry looking private stepped forward to take the Sergeants challenge.  "I will fight him Sarge" said the lad.  "You!" the sergeant replied.  The lad that came to the challenge was pale looking, feeble in appearance.  "Yes sir.  I haven't had a square meal in years.  I'm not afraid of anyone."
         "Well it's on then.  Should you fail at this private, and I think you will from looking at your appearance, there will be no medical, you will go on with your affairs on your own dime.  Should you win by some miracle, I will make sure you get the best medical care however.  Do you still want to do this?  There are other privates that are more suited for this particular challenge than you."
         "Fight or die." The lad replied.
         "Is there anyone else among you sack of scrotums that want to take on this challenge other than this filthbucket up here?"
        The groups was silent.  They all knew what Chief was capable of.  They knew that Chief would show now mercy with a chance at learning classified secrets firsthand on the table.  

        "Well that's it then.  Chief, fuck this bitch up."  The sergeant said, as if to prematurely concede defeat.
         Chief walked up to the lad's face.  Chief was Nine inches taller and sixty pounds heavier than his challenger.  His challenger looked up to him square in the eye.  There was no fear in his eyes....)

    To be continued.... 

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