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    Sunday, August 19, 2007


    I love my George foreman grill. Today I grilled hot dogs, chicken, burgers, bacon, potatoes, the potatoes did not go too well, but everything else did. George foreman grilled hot dogs taste so good on a Sunday. Nathan's hot dogs are the best. Oscar Mayer is pretty good too but it ain't no Nathan's. Meat and bread can get pretty pricey too. Good hot dogs and burgers can easily run you thirty bucks. That not including the bread. But you get home and grill it up on the bachelor's stove, it's all worth it. Right?

    Usually on a Sunday my mom cooks an elaborate Sunday dinner with rice and peas and baked chicken and vegetables and potatoes. Not today. My parents are in Florida. They will be back come Tuesday. Did not go any parties last night. My partying has gone down significantly since last year. I been home every night this weekend. Which isn't to say I wont go out later tonight. It's still not midnight as I am writing this. And it probably won't be by the time I publish it. but it's more likely that I stay home tonight. I don't feel very restless.

    I rented Basic Instinct 2 today. What a wretch of a movie. Lots of nakedness and sex. So what? This movie sucks ass. It's director should be taken out into the street and shot. I like a bad movie every now and then. But not this bad. Who makes movies like this. Were they all drunk out of their heads when they made this movie? I was a little drunk when I watched it (two Kettel One's and Cranberry juice and one Bacardi and Sunkist orange soda) and this movie still sucked ass. The sex scenes look like dry hump rehearsal and I watched the unrated version. Ugh.

    TV was good. Girls tennis. Girls volleyball. Butt cheeks and butt cracks, nothing to complain about there. Unless its in Basic Instinct 2. Or is that movie supposed to be called Basic Inc STINKS too? You tell me.

    And now I'm blogging about nothing. I'm Seinfeld remix, if I I should be so bold. With no pictures again. Not to worry though. I will be taking copious photographs this week. Look forward to some nice things.

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