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    Sunday, January 28, 2007

    Nudity Guns and Tragedy


    Pretty good movie. White boy Justin Timberlake can act pretty good. He shows a great range of emotion going from happy go lucky to goonish very naturally.

    But he is not the only good thing about this movie. The entire cast provided strong, adept, believable performances, saving a somewhat bland screenplay.

    This is a good movie to eat popcorn and take a girl on a date out to. Not boring and you will not fall asleep. Emile Hirsch (the girl next door) is so so as Johnny Trulove, the antagonist in the film and Ben Foster (x-men the last stand) is dynamic as Jake Mazursky, a troubled drug dealer/thug whose antics set in motion the events that anchor the film.

    If you like nudity guns and tragedy, this is the film for you. Another movie that has ample doses of nudity guns and tragedy is Smokin' Aces.

    It's also got a lot more blood than Alpha Dog too, but less sex. It stars Jeremy Piven and a who's who of Hollywood big names, but the surprising standouts aren't even actors at all. Common and Alicia Keys steal the show. Look for Common upstaging and out acting Jeremy Piven in every scene they appear in together. And Alicia Keyes is one bad ass gun toting lesbian loving thug with a soft spot for bald headed tough guys.

    The basic plot is Jermy Piven plays a drug addicted mob magician, Buddy Israel who's got a hit on his head for turning rat. The character is a fun one, but it seems as if Mr. Piven is too tired of playing the self destructive type to have any fun in this role. He pretty much sleeps through the movie.

    But not to worry, Director Joe Carnahan has lots of eye candy that more than makes up for the cliche story lines and plot twists.

    The costumes in this film are electric and the colors and cinematography are really expressive.

    If anything the film could have used a car chase. My suggestion, and I'm not giving away anything here, have a spin off where Common and Alicia Keyes can really get busy and sink their teeth into their respective characters, and hopefully each other.

    As far as date movies go, I give Alpha Dog a third base. Smokin' Aces, you're scoring baby.

    Saturday, January 27, 2007

    Easy Saturday

    Good day Blogville. Not like anybody is reading this damn thing but will come soon enough, believe me you will come. Well it's another Saturday. Another winter day to be easy. Drive your car slow soundboys, turn up the sound system really loud. This is Saturday. Get yourself a cute lil shorty and make her smile like she got smiley teeth.

    Get money. Saturday is a day to get dat money. Smoke that herb till your head is heavy like a lead box. Drink till you walk in circles on purpose to hide the fact that cannot possibly walk straight. And leave some money for the offering plate on Sunday morning.

    Bless up!

    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Winter Blues

    It is getting really cold in New York. Global warming has gone into hibernation. Old man winter has come to stake his forte. Tomorrow morning it is going to be negative seven degrees Fahrenheit windchill.
    Buckle up boys and girls. The deep freeze is here. Here are my two cents on how to avoid being frozen and/or victimized by this annual natural disaster in Concrete Jungle New York

    1. Do not drive your hoopty.

    Thas right. If you own a car thas over seven years old with old tires and shaky transmission and tires as smooth as a babies bottom, its probably best that you do not drive it when there is ice covering every square inch of the metropolis. You will more than likely have your car careen of a major highway, dilly and dolly on local roads and perpetually annoy everyone who has all terrain vehicles such as those fancy dancy SUV's and such.

    2. Get a Lover

    Hmm Hmmm, find another pair of thighs to rub on besides your own. If you don not do this you could freeze to death in your own bed. The clinical term for this is becoming frigid.

    3. Drink Hot Chocolate

    Never forget to drink HOT HOT chocolate. It has been rumored that a cold intestine is a dead intestine. Keep those suckers warm. You are going to need them to eat those summer hot dogs when it finally gets warm again 20 years from now.

    4. Read My Blog.

    Thas right. Nothing in this world is going to keep you more warm than this lil blog of mine. Come here for wit, commentary and entertainment. Come you huddled masses shivering in the cold. Come on to my blog and feel the warmth of my words. After all, what else are you going to do anyway? It's too cold for even reindeer games right now. Even Santa and his helpers took the night off.

    Do these four things blogville, and you winter will be short, bitter, and merciless. If you don't, it will be long, bitter and deadly. Peace out. I am the The Black Rider, and these are my words.

    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    A House on Fire

    Smoke anyone? Quite attractive isn't it. Fire is an alluring element. Smell it, smells like freshness, feel it, feels piercing and punishing, consuming its host in a passionate display.
    Lyricist use it to evoke fury and promptness. Visual artists use it to illustrate activity and chaos. It is disturbingly attractive, and there is nothing quite as attractive to a doe eyed mob as a house on fire.
    Literally or figuratively speaking, it will be hard to find anything that gathers a throng of onlookers, cameras, commentators, rescuers and miracle workers than a haven being demolished to nothingness and bare remnants.
    I like to call it the vicious and merciless poem. Case in point: steroids, narcotics and amphetamines, lies, cheating and betrayal, disease, violence. Those of us who have been scorched, and decimated by these vices are catapulted to an arena of scrutiny, judgment, and verdict.
    Look at the greats who after setting their houses on fire, or being set on fire by someone or something else, are hallowed and revered and held in the court of public opinion as either sacred, or savage.
    Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Barry Bonds, Martin Luther King Jnr, Tupac Shakur, Magic Johnson, Biggie Smalls, Mark Mcguire, Malcom X,
    John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Aaliyah, and the list goes on and on.
    There are contemporary public figures now who's houses have burned, or is burning, and have been notarized and publicized as a result. The three obvious ones that come to mind are Britney, Paris and Lindsay. No last name needed right. And we are all having fun watching there houses burn. And it looks as if they nor us are interested in putting out the flames any time soon. What is important here is that we gather, and look.

    Monday, January 15, 2007

    All Night Long

    Good morning blogville. Don't we all miss summer? It has been a great winter here in Long Island New York, with no heat in my car, the weather has surely been kind to me. But I tell you what bums me about winter time anyway. Too much night.

    I think I get to leave work pretty early everyday. 4:30 pm. And 15 minutes after I get home its dark outside. It wouldn't be so bad if it were like this all year, but you get so spoiled in the summer time. Imagine getting home and you have four hours of daylight left in your day. What motivation. Now all I have is fifteen minutes. Nothing is free right? So I figure you pay for your summer days with your winter nights.

    Kind of a downer you know. The first thing you want to do is take a nap.
    And sometimes you try to do it all night long. There will be no naked women for you boys and girls this morning. I'm to weary and too sleepy. Good Night.

    Tuesday, January 9, 2007


    With a title like that I'm sure my search engine appearances are likely to take a boost. Well the iPhone is out. That's it on the right. On the left is a sexy girl that has nothing to do with the topic. Just some eye candy. I know what's important in life.

    It can go on a real web site, make a real phone call, and play a real mp3. It goes for 500 or 600 bucks and holds 4 or 8 gigs of ram. Wow. Apple even went and changed its name from Apple Computers to Apple inc. Looks like apple bout to stick its nose into everything. What's next? Apple bubblegum? What they need to do is start Apple records and sighn my ass cause they got a lot of money over there.

    The House, The Car & The Girl

    Good evening blogville. If anybody is reading that is. My post for the day is about getting things done.

    Is there enough time in the day. We have so much to do in one day and the human body can only endure and bear so much at a given time before giving out to fatigue and exhaustion.

    We have to keep our houses, our bodies, as our work spaces clean. We have to pay bills on time and keep track of them. A lot of us have our extracurricular activities, sports, churches, clubs and what have you. How do we keep up this balance and stay alive at the same time?

    I think the answer is that we don't.

    Everyday, the sun gives us energy and in return takes a little away from us as well. Our mad dash to sustain our livelihoods erodes our bodies, our minds, our earth. And there doesn't seem to be a change to that system anytime soon.

    As a single man trying to start a company and promote musicians, life can get pretty lugubrious. Driving to meetings. Keeping up the car. Supplying stores. Keeping track of inventory. Dateing. Creating artwork. How do you get all of this done?

    If there is anyone out there reading this, I would like to hear from you. We All want the best in life don't we? Don't you? The house, the car, and the girl.

    Monday, January 8, 2007

    Good Morning Blogville.

    Wus up world. Anybody got a car. I need a car. I need a Bugatti. That will do me just right. I need somone to buy one of my beats. Who wants to buy a beat. I make beats you know that. Buy my beats and make me rich please. It's no fun being broke and driving an old ass volvo. That car bout to break down soon. I'm on borrowed time now.

    What I Really need is money though. If I make enough money, I can have all the cars, money and girls I want. Then I will be truly happy. And now for your gratuious photo of a sexy girl for no particular reason.

    Saturday, January 6, 2007

    Let The Hacking Begin

    Good evening blogville. Well its been a while. I must say I haven't been on this like I've wanted to because I do not know who is looking at my blog and how many of you residents of blogville are actually viewing. Someone said that my blog did nothing for them because it was a bung of stuff from youtube. well I will improve upon that. This blog will now have a bunch of stuff from utube, msn video, google video, and whatever user generated media is out there. I'm going to hack at the world. Eat it suckers.

    Now for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of a sexy girl. Enjoy. And come here for more.

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