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    Saturday, August 25, 2007


    Wus up strangers. Nothing going on tonight. Nothing on today. Nothing going on period. Went to party last night and got trashed. Should have took some pictures but there were too many girls there, so I partied instead of documented. Beenie man was there. I was drunk as hell. Got a ride home from my friend and his wife, my cousin took me to pick up my car today. Thank God for good friends. I've never been that drunk in a very very long time.
    I rented "Fracture" last night, staring Ryan Gosling and Antony Hopkins. Good movie but not all that I had expected it would be. Anyway guys, I got a lot of thinking and sorting out to do. The Black Rider is under some duress, so to my two viewers a day, stay tuned. This blog is gonna get a whole lot better.

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