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    Sunday, March 2, 2008

    Massive Booty, Ghost In The Shell 2, We Own The Night, and Lots of Magazines, Cecil Donahue of GQ just for Kicks

    So Today I watched some movies and read some magazines. Still haven't caught up on my comics. Since Friday night's GQ event, I have not been out, cause after that I went to two more parties. So I'll count those for Saturday and Sunday. Didn't catch any of the games. You know I'm sure productivity goes up a lot in the USA after football season. Just a though. I watched "We Own The Night" written and directed by James Gray today. Good movie. Very gray and dark and sombre. I also finished watching magnolia, another written and directed by, and it was by tri-nomial Paul Thomas Anderson. So I'm HELLA late on Magnolia so I'll say it was a good movie but too long. I also watched Ghost In The Shell 2. Pretty heady shit. The Imagery and action is very good however. Why are Asians so perplexed with the meaning of life in all their Dramas. They know all the math and science and have Buddha. Go figure. I caught up on my magazine reading, If I could only read a book now (circa Carmen Diaz's, The Holiday minus the wealth). Read a lot of GQ. Tip of the day, google Cecil Donahue. Peace Yall!

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