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    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    The Will To Win

    One must find this. the will to win. Without it, one's life is lost. There must be adversaries and there must be circumstances to overcome, to give life, in the totality of it all, completeness.

    Certain Death

    Breaking free. Escape. It is what all bound men and women aim to do. Create a shelter for oneself and explore the unknown. However it seems rather difficult to do so under the confines and auspices of a full time job making someone else wealthy rather than making yourself wealthy. What is the secret. How do you get the limitless energy to put others demands of yourself aside and put yourself fist. I conclude that to do this and to survive this process, you must assume the position of king of your own domain. Lord of your own time, and you must fight to defend it, and fight to expand it as well. Life is as war and war is as life. And so it is.

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