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    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Why Must I Read Everything?

    I must really be obsessive in some fashion. Could it be that I read to much? And to top it off at that, could it be that I read too much junk?

    I try to be as contemporary and informed as possible but can never seem to get all the knowledge I want at a fast enough pace.

    It may very well be that I read too slow. That my appetite for learning is not on par with my hunger and desire for knowledge as well as learning.

    And to fix that problem will take even more reading of speed reading books.

    Is is worth it? All this reading that we do. You can't take it with you, you know, your learning. It stays here on this earth just like your riches, whatever quantity of that you may have.

    So why strive? I try to read the best and most informative articles from every newspaper I see, and every magazine that strikes my fancy.

    I would be quiet content to stay here in my studio and read about the world all day from daily newspapers and the Internet and watch it on TV and only go out to see it for myself about once a month when there is really something interesting going on. Like something I would want to witness firsthand and write a first person account of.

    I want to see every good movie. Right now the movie du jour for me is "Factory Girl" starring Sienna Miller. Looks very interesting.

    Its seems as is if I have a case not only of information overload, but also acute information pollution.

    Clean out and filter the useless worthless information, like a review of a restaurant you have no intention of ever visiting, and the album review of a band you have no intention of ever listening to in your lifetime.

    But then at the end of the day, even the good information is temporal. You can't take it when you die.

    Or can you?

    Matters not. I say to read what gratifies and edifies you. Read the words that enrich your life. Learn them.

    I guess that is why I read so much. I am greedy and I want everything. I want wealth of riches and gratification. But I can never read everything. Eventually, everything becomes the trash.

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