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    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Being Part 2

    Wus up Blogland? It's your boy The Black Rider again with another rip from the tip. What have I got for you today? Well still ain't got no new pictures so sorry about that, not that y'all care anyway, I'm only averaging like two page views a day according to Google analytics. So for the two I have today, I ain't got no pictures. Suck it up.

    Well, I've seen some more movies. I seen "The Perfect Stranger" staring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. Very bad movie. That movie is so bad. Halle Berry is sexy in it though. Very nice looking is she. And they make good use of that showing the back of her breasts and having her in a few sex scenes, though no full on frontal nudity of her melons in this flick however. Bottomline, the story lines in this movie are ridiculous, not that I'm going to spoil this ridiculous attempt of a movie for anyone, but for those of you who haven't seen it (Don't see it y'all) the twist in the end is just lazy. Same thing like Basic Instinct 2. I'm tired of movies where they feel as if they are tricking you all along and pull of some implausible twist at the end. It's ridiculous. WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU.

    A good movie however is "The Good Shepherd". That movie I enjoyed a lot. Brilliantly paced and superbly directed by Mr. Robert Di Nero. Not too crazy about the racial undertones throughout the movie as I am a black man living in Long Island, New York, you white folks can keep your dirty laundry to yourselves please. This movie has got everything man, an all star cast, Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, William Hurt, and Robert Di Nero, the director and credited as a producer this time around takes a turn as acting as well.

    I tell you, they got a Pathmark in my neighborhood, where I can rent DVD's for one dollar a day plus nine cents tax. It's this DVD machine. Fucking great it is. I been watching great movies to awful movies. I been watching so many movies I want to make a movie.

    Well tha's it for now. If I had a dollar I would go to a club later tonight. But alas I'm perpetually broke as of late. No going out for the broke pocketed. So with these few words I say adieu to my two viewers a day, RIP Merv Griffin, and Godspeed Micheal Vick. Remember Mike, the rule is to "spay and neuter" not "slay and torture" your pets. Peace deux.

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