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    Monday, March 2, 2009

    i'm mad

    i'm mad y'all. spending, spending, spending. spending is the new subprime. economy is in a tailspin and we through money at it. can't we get anybody to do a good job in this country. whart's your dirty little secret aig? why is the federal government throwing money at your dead carcass as wind tosses oxegen on filthy carrion? i'm mad. we need to volunteer y'all. we need to organize. we need to mobilize. we can't sit back and get beaten. come on. let us fight back! Software System's Fans Gather to Talk Code

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    NYREGION   | March 02, 2009
    Software System's Fans Gather to Talk Code
    Users of Drupal, an open-source software system used to run Web sites, gathered in Downtown Brooklyn for Drupal Camp.

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