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    Sunday, February 17, 2008


    My pc has gone apeshit. Time to get another one. I can view my blog and stream my media fine from ie but not from firefox, but on the pc upstairs I can stream media from firefox. It's my pc then. It's always been apeshit, now it's gone over the deep end.

    Music. Painting and a Parking Ticket

    So was my Saturday adventurous. I woke up like 12:30 after partying two nights in a row drowsy and tired. After having jerk chicken and green tea for breakfast, I went to some hip hop show in the city with my homegirl, and got there at like six o clock in the evening. I was tired man so I took my time. Then we met up with another freind and we were going to walk to a restaurant, but instead I have to drive cause its cold and shit u know. So we eat at this fancy Thai food spot called spice in Union Square. The food was good. By the time I got my car I got a nice little parking ticket. Nyc man. They will suck u dry.

    New Reggae Riddim

    This is a little dancehall ditty I did tonight. Enjoy.

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