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    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    Stream of Oblivion

    From Evernote:

    Stream of Oblivion

    Good morning world. First organic blog entry in forever dot com here. Been like forever. I always come here to write my thoughts during time of duress it seems. I started blogging in the winter of 2006 when I was 25. Eventually my blog became a place for me to feed my own ego so I emailed stories to the words in there to get hits. Now it's for whatever. 

     Writer writes because he must and so I'm writing today. I must speak. No spell check no clarity I care not too much for grammar or punctuation.  This is just for me. 

    Life is short and cruel and rewarding and we are not all equipped to get through it. Live and die every day. Fight. Destroy. Have an attitude. Give a damn. Don't care what other people think. Care what what you think of yourself. 

    Can you go to bed at nigh and wake up in the morning. 

    Are your intentions good and productive. 

    Avoid the illusions of magicians and trickster who use their wiles to deceive. 


    Life is too long to give up and too short to give in. 

    Make people upset and laugh at their umbrage

    It is a compliment when people are upset at you. 

    You matter. 


    Fuck the noise. Make a spectacle of yourself. Smile. 

    I'm going to start making a habit of this. 

    I have a wealth of words and lyrics to share. And I will share it. 


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