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    Saturday, February 3, 2007

    Top Story

    Good morning blogville. It's another Saturday, but this one is not easy at all. The weather outside where I live in Long Island New York is very cold. Freezing. Makes you want to stay home and do nothing at all. But we cannot do that can we. This is a cold world after all so it is only natural that Frigid weather occur to remind us of the hostile environment we inhabit.

    If there is anyone out there that favors freezing weather please announce yourself. Not that someone of that sort will come across this blog because no one is reading it but if by chance you do come across this please let me know. I've been in New York now for almost 12 years and the cold still gets to me.

    Of course I am somewhat acclimated but I still get a mean face when the weather dips below 40 degrees and the wind starts to blow.

    And the weatherman on the radio does not help at all. It seems as if they are plotting to keep you in your warm bed listening to radio news so you don't have to go outside and face the real world.

    Top Story: It is freezing outside. Do not leave your homes. Stay in bed. Thousands are dead in Iraq. New York is freezing over. It's cold. Stay in bed and listen to our programs we can have high ratings and more ad dollars.

    Yeah. You know what guys. This is my top story. So what suckers, yeah its cold outside, but don't let that stop you. Go out and face the world. Bundle up. It's a cold world bitches so this kind of weather is expected. Why you complaining. We have not even had a blizzard this year. Go out and make some money and the next time I find any one of you peasants in bed past the hour of sunrise I'll fire a lighting bolt up your ass.


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