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    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    So I do have readers

    Hello y'all. I have reader. One to five o' y'all. Anyway, went to nice new restaurant in town today, Mexican food. Chiptole. Pretty good. Anyway I bought a data cable for my phone. So soon I will be posting video and images from my phone. Stay tuned still. The camera will make a timely return. But for now, the phone has it.

    Sunday, September 9, 2007

    The Weekend at Large VMA's included.

    What a weekend I had. Went to a party at Island Rock on Thursday night. Had a blast. Danced with a bunch of girls. Friday I got paid. My short term memory seems to be going cause I can hardly remember the things I do sometimes. I believe I went to Jamaica avenue on Friday evening to sell some mixtapes. Saturday I put a car on ebay for someone. Pray it sells. Here is the link 98 Nissan Maxima se
    I also got some comics. Look for more comic posts. I'm a do this right. Trust me. I got Kanye West's album also. Pretty good stuff.
    Sunday I did my laundry. Fixed the car radio in my Ford Explorer. I should have pictures of all of this but I don't. I will soon though. I'm a draw some considerable attention though. Taking pictures and shit. Then I did a job with my dad. Made a little pocket change. Then I came home and watched the VMA's. Brittney looks fat. She was the shit seven years ago. She pails to what she was then. but then again so do I. Seven years ago I had a full hairline. She is trying though. See where she goes. Kanye had the best performance of the night to me however. He rocked it wit T Pain. Get your hands high y'all. Keep on chucking. The Black Rider rides again.

    Saturday, September 8, 2007


    I do not know why I am doing this but I guess its better than not doing it so here goes. I could be doing more with my blog and I will. I promise you I will. I got Kanye West's album today. Pre release. Not his best work. Still good however. Bought a Passa Passa DVD last week. Watched it today. Waste. Er one's trying to be a reality tv star. I wanted to see a party. Instead it them fucking around in their hotel and everything. Waste. Well there goes. See yall later. Yeah right. Yall aint even reading.

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