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    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Reuters - Netsuite software targets SAP, Oracle: source

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    Netsuite software targets SAP, Oracle: source

    Monday, Apr 13, 2009 7:54PM UTC

    By Jim Finkle

    BOSTON (Reuters) - NetSuite Inc, a maker of Web-based business management software for small- to mid-sized companies, has developed programs catering to large corporations, said a person familiar with the strategy.

    The person, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the plan, said NetSuite wants to sell its software to divisions of large corporations that use traditional software from SAP AG and Oracle Corp.

    NetSuite, which is barely profitable, needs to expand into the corporate market to fuel growth. Spending by large corporations accounts for the bulk of business applications software sales, which researcher Gartner estimates total about $89 billion a year.

    The new programs -- dubbed "SuiteCloud Connect" -- allow corporate divisions to run their businesses on NetSuite's Web-based software, then easily roll up financial data into their parent companies' SAP and Oracle systems, the person said.

    A spokeswoman for NetSuite, which is majority-owned by Oracle Corp Chief Executive Larry Ellison, declined to comment.

    SAP and Oracle sell traditional software, which companies buy and run in their own data centers. The bulk of the world's biggest corporations either use SAP or Oracle.

    That approach can be more expensive than buying a subscription to NetSuite's hosted, Web-based software, said Rebecca Wettemann, an analyst with Nucleus Research who has not been briefed by the company on the new product line.

    "From a total-cost-of-ownership perspective, it never makes sense to run SAP instead of an on-demand solution, such as NetSuite," Wettemann said. "SAP is simply too costly on an ongoing basis."

    Wettemann said she expects the new product to be well received by divisional technology managers interested in switching to NetSuite's software-as-a-service offering.

    "NetSuite can go to everyone that has dragged their heels in going to SAP and Oracle and say 'Now we have an option for you that is much more in line with the scale of your business that solves the roll-up and reconciliation question," she said.

    Analysts expect 11-year-old NetSuite to post its first profitable year in 2009 as the San Mateo, California-based company's revenue grows 15 percent to $176 million, according to Reuters Estimates.

    The source who described the new NetSuite offering said the company will soon announce the connection software for SAP, but hold off on unveiling the product that works with Oracle.

    NetSuite developed SuiteCloud Connect using tools known as application program interfaces, or APIs, that are already built into SAP and Oracle programs, as well as software from most vendors.

    Those APIs are open to all programmers and have previously allowed NetSuite customers to develop their own integration software for rolling up financial data into the parent company's computer systems.

    But SuiteCloud Connect offers a standardized set of tools designed to save businesses the time and expense of doing that customization on their own.

    The programing was partially based on customization work done to help integrate Asahi Kasei Corp's SAP programs with subsidiary Spandex America's NetSuite software.

    The Oracle connectors were partly based on know-how developed from Iron Mountain Inc's implementation of NetSuite at its Iron Mountain Digital division, according to the source.

    (Reporting by Jim Finkle; editing by Richard Chang)

    Glenn Beck

    David Buckner just passed out on Glenn Beck live on FOX NEWS.

    Portfolio Mobile - Krugman Sees Your Lenin and Raises You a Stalin

    Krugman Sees Your Lenin and Raises You a Stalin

    Maybe when the government starts regulating pundits, a capacity for experiencing cognitive dissonance could be one of the requirements?

    Paul Krugman, paragraphs 7-8:

    President Obama is being called a "socialist" who seeks to destroy capitalism. Why?...[O]nly because "liberal" doesn't seem to carry the punch it used to.

    Paul Krugman, paragraph 10:Speaking of [Rush] Limbaugh: the most impressive thing about his role right now is the fealty he is able to demand from the rest of the right. The abject apologies he has extracted from Republican politicians who briefly dared to criticize him have been right out of Stalinist show trials.

    I guess "conservative" just doesn't carry the punch that it used to.Related Links
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    Krugman Hates Goolsbee
    Extra Credit, Monday Edition

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    Portfolio Mobile - Idle Chatter: Tribune, Glenn Beck, Kurt Vonnegut...

    Idle Chatter: Tribune, Glenn Beck, Kurt Vonnegut...

    -The bankrupt Tribune Co. has received a subpoena from the Labor Department, which wants to know more about the employee stock-ownership plan that enabled Sam Zell to buy the company while putting up little of his own money and paying minimal taxes. [WSJ]

    -He'll make you laugh, he'll make himself cry: Glenn Beck is going on tour as a stand-up comic. [AP]

    -All those marketers experimenting with paying bloggers and Twitter users to hype their wares may soon find themselves subject to new regulations imposed by the Federal Trade Commission. [Ad Age]

    -Kurt Vonnegut is set to follow Michael Crichton as the latest dead author with a new book coming out. Of course, neither of them can hold a candle to Mark Twain, who has an all-new collection coming out this month despite the considerable handicap of being deceased these past 99 years. [AP]

    -Magazine publishers have picked the middle of a recession as the best time to raise their cover and subscription prices. [NYT]Related Links
    Zell's Sell
    Tribune Co. Denies Playing Ball with Blagojevich
    Report: Tribune Co. Files for Bankruptcy

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    'Superman' artist Joe Shuster's lurid comic world exposed

    Jeepers, Mr. Kent!

    That's what a shocked Jimmy Olsen might say after seeing the hundreds of racy, violent and sadomasochistic cartoons by Joe Shuster, one of the creators of Superman, that have been unearthed by comic-book historian Craig Yoe.

    Researching the secret origins behind America's favorite superheroes has revealed much in recent years, but never anything like this.

    SUPERMAN'S STORY: Born of a real-life fatal robbery?

    In the new book Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator Joe Shuster (Abrams ComicArts, $24.95), page after page of lascivious panels are reproduced from underground comics that Shuster drew in the early 1950s when the artist was down on his luck. Titled Nights of Horror, the crude, stapled pamphlets of erotic horror were sold under the counter at drugstores for $3.

    Within are naked women with whips, brutish men brandishing red-hot pokers, exotic torture and politically incorrect spankings. What makes the illustrations more than simply a curiosity of the times is the disturbing fact that many of the characters look exactly like Shuster's Superman and Lois Lane.

    "Yes, they look like Lois and Clark," Yoe says. "Joe obviously had some very dark fantasies. There's a panel in an early Superman comic book where he has Lois over his knee and is spanking her. But certainly nothing of this depth or extremeness."

    Artist Shuster and writer Jerry Siegel created Superman in 1938 but didn't benefit when the character exploded in popularity in the 1940s. By the 1950s, Shuster was barely working. He died in 1992.

    It is not unusual for comic-book artists to handle sexier fare; MAD magazine's Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder produced Little Annie Fanny in Playboy for 26 years.

    But Stan Lee of Marvel Comics writes in an introduction that the Shuster work is "startling" in that it caters to "the basest of man's character. It clearly indicates how desperate Joe must have been."

    Says Yoe, who found the complete 16-issue run of the crude publication at a used-book store: "There are some who say I should have left this stuff buried and not ruin Joe's reputation. But this is a major body of work by the creator of the superhero. Some of the drawings are beautiful, showing the great craftsman that he was. There's even an innocence.

    "I can't say I'd frame it and put it above my mantel, but it's a very important find for comic-book history and cultural history."

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