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    Friday, March 16, 2007

    Rest in peace 'Cap

    Rest In Peace, 'Captain

    Captain America is dead. What does this mean, and how does this happen? The pop icon for freedom and liberty passed away shot down by a snipers bullet in Captain America number 25. What does this symbolize for our western culture and our morals and values? To answer this question, first a little history.

    As a lad growing up in Jamaica, West Indies I was a comic book fanatic. Every Saturday at the supermarket my goal was to hang out by the magazine stand and read all the comics on there. Superman, Spider-man, The Incredible Hulk, X men, Iron man, but I never really got into Captain America. He was extremely idealistic and the only place I came across him was in the Avengers series as he was their leader. He was always strong and wise and sagelike, with his super soldier powers and his Shield.

    His story was an engrossing one how he fought Nazi's in WWII and was frozen in Antarctica only to be unearthed decades later to fight evil again in the Post Modern Era.

    Thing was I wanted a Captain Jamaica too. But there was no Captain Jamaica or Captain Europe or Captain Africa or Captain Mexico or Captain South America. Captain America was it and that was that. I mean you had Superman and Batman too who were universal in their appeal of mortal men assuming extra ordinary roles. And they killed Superman too. Doomsday. It was huge. And and he returned from the dead too like Jesus did, fighting his way out of hell. I read it. But that was before 9/11, in peacetime. Israel and Pakistan were shaking hands. Clinton was the President of America and he assumed leader of the free world. It was a different time. It was the right time for Superman to die. It was the time of Jurassic Park and The Little Mermaid. We wanted to be terrified. And with all that prosperity and Liberty flowing throughout the West, Captain America was there, leading the avengers in the make believe universe fighting imaginary monsters.

    Things are different this time. We need Captain America. The world does. We need a beacon of hope. Spider-man does not do it. He is too smug and not very noble.

    In a world of global warming and Hurricane Katrina and an Occupation in Iraq, war in Afghanistan, the threat of nuclear war from North Korea and Iran, and the doomsday clock inching really close to twelve,the world is teetering on collapse.

    They've killed superheroes before, Charles Xavier, the leader for the X men died, they cloned Spider man in the comics, dreadful mistake, the Killed the Thor, but they never did kill Captain America. They froze him to bring him back again. This time is different though. He dies. I've read the comics detailing his death and they did it great justice. The art and imagery is captivating, Marvel is on top of its game. My friends, at a time when the world needs Captain America he is murdered to boost sales.

    That is sad to me but clearly honest. His death creates an interest, at midtown comics on 40th street and 7th avenue on Wednesday the flock of consumers racking up the Captain America titles were massive. And as it is in the real world so it is int he fantasy of many a fan-boy and fan-girl. The universe is in ambiguity with no strong leadr at a time of turmoil.

    Who is our leader? President Bush who was once well liked by the heartland of America has a struggling approval rating and is losing power in his White House as he removes dictators and fights for 'freedom', Clinton who brought us peace and a balanced budget is an old fogey in his 60's (a time when many men are at their political prime) looking at the world turn without his calm steady hand. Joe Di Maggio is long dead so don't look to him. Michael Jordan is retired, Kobe is a dirty player among other things, Lebron James is not capturing the imagination of the world as we imagined, Yao Ming is a headline past, Derek Jeter it seems has lost leadership of America's favorite team to love and hate, and Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds are beloved just so we can jeer them, and as it is today, David Beckham has does not translate to America as he does to the world, and at his age it seems as if he will not, robbing him right now of the title of moral world leader. None can step up to be the moral compass of this country and the world.

    And now Captain America has fallen prey to Capitalism. The world needs a Captain, right now, it's not Captain America. We killed him. What's Iron Man up to?

    Saturday, March 3, 2007


    A nondescript room somewhere in New York, a lone and dusty 60 watt light bulb shines. The Inquisitor walks around the room in a menacing pace perplexed and vexed at the insolence and bravado of his subject. The Black Rider.

    The Black Rider sits in a wood chair at a long steel desk looking up at the menacing man known only as The Inquisitor and wonders what question he will ask him. The Inquisitor is dapperly dressed in a white shirt, business tie and khaki pants with brown loafers and dress socks. The Black Rider wears his everyday costume, black pinstriped pants, black Italian cut blazer, white collared shirt, long black camel skin coat topped off with a black pin-striped hat, shiny black patent leather shoes and black silk socks. The Inquisitor walks around the room circling the light bulb looking at The Black Rider angrily staring, growling his mouth as he prepares his first question. The Black Rider sits at the long steel desk nonchalantly waiting for this all to be over.

    "Show me your books" The Inquisitor demands. "Show me them now".

    "What book?" replies The Black Rider. "You know what I'm talking about" replies The Inquisitor, "The letters you have the entire world going ga ga over. The condemned and illegal prose you have been dealing to the doe eyed masses."

    The Black Rider smiles to himself. "You presume too much."

    "For days" The Inquisitor goes on "You have had this entire city, the State of New York and people from all over the world reading this filth you call literature. I'm going to put a stop to it Mister Rider. I'm going to put a stop to all of this nonsense, and I'm going to put a stop to you. Until you give me some answers, I'm not letting you out of this room. You won't be able to spew your vile in here my friend. I'm going to find the author of these perverse quote on quote artworks, and if you are indeed the culprit, there will no publishing from these four walls."

    "On what charge am I imprisoned for?" The Black Rider asked, "You can't just lock me up for days on end with no charge. Is this the Patriot Act at work? Am I a terrorist or something, last time I checked, New York was still an American State. This Is America is it not?"

    "Oh no" replied The Inquisitor in a slow and taunting tone. "This is not America anymore. This is not the liberal filth land known as New York. BLOGVILLE!"

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