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    Monday, June 27, 2011

    When Plankton Attacks

    What is are Plankton?

    Well the answer depends on who you ask.  If you ask your science professor, the answer would be floating single cell organisms in bodies of water that rely on photosynthesis for living.  However, if you ask your college age best friend, they may tell you the correct word is planking, or pound plankin' (#plankin), the latest trending topic to pop up on twitter.

    Planking is laying down on your face to the ground or to an object like a plank of wood and having it photographed.  of course you may already know this, you may have planked yourself today.  If not, let me introduce you, people are planking on police cars, on the statue of liberty, on Mcdonalds signs, in frat houses, on checkout lanes, on toilet bowls, on the milk freezer in thegrocery store, kids are planking everywhere, even families  are getting in on the action.

    The game has been around for a while, it originated in Australia in 1997, took over Great Britain in 2009, and is now spreading viraly throughout the US, and today, it is all over twitter.

    Plank on people.  Plank on.

    credit: wikipedia,,

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