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    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    Keith's Notes.

    Cool websites to streamline your business:,

    Cool codeing, AJAX. ASK YOUR iT dept. about it.

    New bluetooth ear piece is out, the "JAWBONE 5",

    Google Poppy Harlow on for companies that are hiring: WALMART, BANK of AMERICA, etc.

    Cool Twitter sites,,

    Other cool sites:, and and 2 get cool myspace themes.

    R U Job hunting? If you are age 45 and over, check out AARP.COM/REALRELIEF. Other cool sites:,, and

    Cool email to have for job hunting: She will help you out.

    Cool new tech stuff: Google the following; Bump Top, GestureTek, Vienda.
    Looking for a Tax extension, then you need tax form 4868IRS.

    Keith's Notes.

    NY Times: Why Twitter turned down facebook by Clair Cain Miller.

    Evan Williams: C.E.O. of Twitter, Co-founder.

    To search twitter, go to

    Filtr: A filter client for twitter.

    Re: Evan Williams founded Pyra Labs. Pyra Labs created Blogger a decade ago and sold it to Google in 2003.

    Yammer: Twitter copycat focused on Coorporate. It is founded by Jack Dorsey.

    Check out to make cool slideshows.

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