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    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Monsters and Transgression

    I am a monster. A sadistic melancholy manic. It seems to me that this should be tragic, but it could also be beneficial.

    I can be a monster in bed. A monster at winning. I would rather have a monster guard my house than a poodle.

    Life is tragic and filled with failures. If one is handed lemons one is to make lemonade, if one is handed tragedy one is to write stories and songs. If one is dealt and or creates monstrosities, one is to become a monster.

    The world is not built for the week and or feeble. You must be swift, merciless, decisive in all that you do. Then you will have success and annihilate puny fools who stand in your way to greatness and obliterate foes who dare to stand against you.

    In my book, it is better to be great and revered, for whatever cause, than to be forgotten and a loser.

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