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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    SI swimsuit 2009.

    Keith's Notes. SI swimsuit edition winter 2009. GMC add talks about less. talk about your pandering. Direct TV. coucha sutra. I like. Danica Patrick looks hot. like Yu Tsai. shot Cappadocia for SI 2009 also did the title sequence 4 the Supranos. PROPS. buy this rag. the girls are HOT as always.

    Keith's notes GQ. Jan 2009.

    GQ. Jan.2009. piece on tokyo design/retail by kevin sintumaung with accompanying illustration by zohar lazar.,,, go there for goodies. chiaki murata is the head designer at metaphys. did the look for x box 360. 'nother cool mention 'Naoto fukasawa'. cool word, 'fob': the medallion on the other end of a pocket watch. fob pocket: the pocket on the waistband of three piece suit trousers. from glen o'brien, the style guy.

    section: the verge, author believes as i do that Valkyrie was a pretty good movie. illustration by john ritter ain't half bad either.

    Keith's Notes. Time Magazine, Jan.2009.

    michael grunwald, time magazine, one trillion dollars, a piece on Obama.time .agazine editor in chief, john huey, managing editor, james kelly, ann s. moore, susan kim, 'standup economist' yorum bauman, the moment, a releftive on bush, by david von drehle,a brief history of swearing in by francis romeo, a person loss by yoti thottam/columbo, death of sri lankan time freelance reporter lasantha wickermatunge, james poniewozik, tuned in column on obama's white house robert gibbs and the press,michael grunwald, one trillion dollars, report on Obama. with reporting by Sophia Yan. no time to waste, a story on new secretary of the treasury tim geithner by bill powell with reporting by massimo calabresi/washington. obama photogtraph by todd plitt of getty, geithner photograph by mike mcgregor of time magazine.

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