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    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    The Black Rider Strikes Again

                                                                   THE INQUISITOR

         "The Black Rider has returned.  he was quited for a long time.  Years.  He has returned.  Pasting his fumes upon the walls of the town.  His lyrics are putrid.  He must be stopped.  His lyrics must be kept secret for he knows too much.  He see the world for what it is, for what it really is, a banal sap of effluvium, pulled taught to be consumed by a vacuum.  He will cause Anarchy.  He will cause the breakdown of our mental construct, our establishments.  People will revolt, they will rise up against us, we will lose all power.  Do whatever it takes, stop The Black Rider.  Stop him now!"

         The words came from the lips of the chief like fire and lava erupting from a volcano.  The chief's eyes were filled with hate, his heart was filled with vile.  He hated The Black Rider for everything he stood for.  People were ....(to be con'd).

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    North Korea shell South Korea. (Credit reuters)

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    South Korea Shelled by North Korea

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