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    Saturday, August 25, 2007


    Wus up strangers. Nothing going on tonight. Nothing on today. Nothing going on period. Went to party last night and got trashed. Should have took some pictures but there were too many girls there, so I partied instead of documented. Beenie man was there. I was drunk as hell. Got a ride home from my friend and his wife, my cousin took me to pick up my car today. Thank God for good friends. I've never been that drunk in a very very long time.
    I rented "Fracture" last night, staring Ryan Gosling and Antony Hopkins. Good movie but not all that I had expected it would be. Anyway guys, I got a lot of thinking and sorting out to do. The Black Rider is under some duress, so to my two viewers a day, stay tuned. This blog is gonna get a whole lot better.

    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Being Part 2

    Wus up Blogland? It's your boy The Black Rider again with another rip from the tip. What have I got for you today? Well still ain't got no new pictures so sorry about that, not that y'all care anyway, I'm only averaging like two page views a day according to Google analytics. So for the two I have today, I ain't got no pictures. Suck it up.

    Well, I've seen some more movies. I seen "The Perfect Stranger" staring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. Very bad movie. That movie is so bad. Halle Berry is sexy in it though. Very nice looking is she. And they make good use of that showing the back of her breasts and having her in a few sex scenes, though no full on frontal nudity of her melons in this flick however. Bottomline, the story lines in this movie are ridiculous, not that I'm going to spoil this ridiculous attempt of a movie for anyone, but for those of you who haven't seen it (Don't see it y'all) the twist in the end is just lazy. Same thing like Basic Instinct 2. I'm tired of movies where they feel as if they are tricking you all along and pull of some implausible twist at the end. It's ridiculous. WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU.

    A good movie however is "The Good Shepherd". That movie I enjoyed a lot. Brilliantly paced and superbly directed by Mr. Robert Di Nero. Not too crazy about the racial undertones throughout the movie as I am a black man living in Long Island, New York, you white folks can keep your dirty laundry to yourselves please. This movie has got everything man, an all star cast, Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, William Hurt, and Robert Di Nero, the director and credited as a producer this time around takes a turn as acting as well.

    I tell you, they got a Pathmark in my neighborhood, where I can rent DVD's for one dollar a day plus nine cents tax. It's this DVD machine. Fucking great it is. I been watching great movies to awful movies. I been watching so many movies I want to make a movie.

    Well tha's it for now. If I had a dollar I would go to a club later tonight. But alas I'm perpetually broke as of late. No going out for the broke pocketed. So with these few words I say adieu to my two viewers a day, RIP Merv Griffin, and Godspeed Micheal Vick. Remember Mike, the rule is to "spay and neuter" not "slay and torture" your pets. Peace deux.

    Sunday, August 19, 2007


    I love my George foreman grill. Today I grilled hot dogs, chicken, burgers, bacon, potatoes, the potatoes did not go too well, but everything else did. George foreman grilled hot dogs taste so good on a Sunday. Nathan's hot dogs are the best. Oscar Mayer is pretty good too but it ain't no Nathan's. Meat and bread can get pretty pricey too. Good hot dogs and burgers can easily run you thirty bucks. That not including the bread. But you get home and grill it up on the bachelor's stove, it's all worth it. Right?

    Usually on a Sunday my mom cooks an elaborate Sunday dinner with rice and peas and baked chicken and vegetables and potatoes. Not today. My parents are in Florida. They will be back come Tuesday. Did not go any parties last night. My partying has gone down significantly since last year. I been home every night this weekend. Which isn't to say I wont go out later tonight. It's still not midnight as I am writing this. And it probably won't be by the time I publish it. but it's more likely that I stay home tonight. I don't feel very restless.

    I rented Basic Instinct 2 today. What a wretch of a movie. Lots of nakedness and sex. So what? This movie sucks ass. It's director should be taken out into the street and shot. I like a bad movie every now and then. But not this bad. Who makes movies like this. Were they all drunk out of their heads when they made this movie? I was a little drunk when I watched it (two Kettel One's and Cranberry juice and one Bacardi and Sunkist orange soda) and this movie still sucked ass. The sex scenes look like dry hump rehearsal and I watched the unrated version. Ugh.

    TV was good. Girls tennis. Girls volleyball. Butt cheeks and butt cracks, nothing to complain about there. Unless its in Basic Instinct 2. Or is that movie supposed to be called Basic Inc STINKS too? You tell me.

    And now I'm blogging about nothing. I'm Seinfeld remix, if I I should be so bold. With no pictures again. Not to worry though. I will be taking copious photographs this week. Look forward to some nice things.

    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    Goon night

    What's to say about the weekend so far. I saw the movie "Shooter" starring Mark Wahlberg and Danny Glover. Rented it from the Path Mark DVD machine. Dollar a day plus tax. Good movie. Also got some repairs done on my car. My parents are away in Florida right now. My brother is at a party. I'm home all alone today. Very empty inside here. I'm a go out and do something tonight. Don't know what yet. Have car will travel. We'll ser what happens.

    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    No Pictures

    No pictures today. This was a very uneventful weekend. Did not even rent a movie. My Long Island life is paced and mundane at best right now. Spurred with a few shows and performances by my band and artist Profisi Culcha every now and then, I live a pretty boring life. Well when I have something real to write about I will. Till then, have fun folks and be good to each other. BTY, RIP Merv Griffin.

    Sunday, August 5, 2007


    Her neck smelled like hibiscus. I could lay my nose there all night and never come up for air. her skin was as soft as baby wipes. How tender and frail she was, and in the grasp of my strong hands, see seemed even so much more vulnerable. In our ferocious embrace, I beheld my every want and desire in a fiery cocoon.

    "This is why we cannot be friends" she says.
    In my mind I'm thinking she is so right. I am in love with her though I will never tell her, and she knows that I love her, though she will never let me know it.

    "You have to go now. He will be here any minute. You cannot be here any longer."

    It grudges me to leave. I am a nice enough guy. She is not my girlfriend, wife, nor fiance. She cannot be. The cheap wine we drank has not made me drunk enough to use inebriation as an excuse to hang around. I leave in humility with the image of her ample bosom fixed on face. At least i can still think about her. Whoever is picking her up now will have to compete with the work I have just done. And if I played my cards right, that hickey I left on her neck should provide just enough consternation to ruin her date.

    I drive home in my beat up four door coup. A sky blue 1987 BMW. Snazzy ride for a 24 year old man in 2005 still living with his parents.

    The road is dark, I do not know my way. I call my friend five times to help with directions. The glasses of wine inside me do not help any.

    Two days later, I'm drinking again. Haven't said much to my amour. We are not in love I keep telling myself. I am a fool really, for I imagine that she will one day come to love me, though she tread me as feet does a wine press.

    My friends and I are going to have a good time tonight. We are going to drink and smoke and fuck some sexy girls.

    I've already have two glasses of Jamaican rum. We are smoking weed now. I am not really a weed smoker. I'm driving now. We are going to the club. I wipe out on the highway.

    My car spins three times. The first time it spins everything slows down. A car drives by me at what appears to be five miles an hour. I hold on to my steering wheel extra tight. "Ten minutes after ten" I tell myself. "Ten past ten." Wham. I hit the divider. A concrete wall about three feet high that runs for about fifty miles or so. Sparks fly from the hood of the trunk as it slides along the concrete, the car is still going at about ninety miles an hour or so.

    Another spin, I'm back in the middle of the road. Wham, I hit the divider again. This time I'm ejected from my seat. My head slams on the roof of the car. I feel something hit my nose. The car spins again and stops parked parallel to the divider facing the oncoming traffic in the center of an eight lane highway.

    The car is smoking. I look into the rear view mirror to take a look at my face. Everything is OK. I feel my legs. Everything is OK. The car is smoking. It might explode. I do not know. I have to get out of there.

    I open the door as best I can, unbuckle my seat belt and run. I'm running down the highway from a smoking car.

    My friend saw the accident. They were ahead of me. I look at them. they look at me. They hug me. "The car just spin. I dunno what happened but it just started spinning."

    "Lets get outa here before the police come. We do not want the to start asking questions"

    I got to call home. Where is my phone? It's in the car. I think about leaving my phone behind. But that girl. I do not know her number by heart. If I leave my phone, I may never hear from her again.

    The car is smoking, hssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. "I'll be right back" I tell my friends. "I'll be right back."

    Saturday, August 4, 2007

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