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    Friday, August 5, 2011


    Wow.  Ok.  New Layout.  Liking it much. Been a long time since I wrote on here in my own voice.  Things have brought me back to creating.  I can't quite explain it all, but one could say that the 'winds of Euroclydon' have been battering my ship's sails.

    Definite change is imminent.  On the horizon, I see great unknowns, and in my rear view, I can see the familiar fading away.

    The world is big enough for new days and small enough to keep old friends close by no matter what soil you set your feet upon.

    I really can't go into details right now, but I am reminded of the book of Job and stories like Nelson Mandela's, in time, I'll tell of the turbulence, but the now, just know that the black rider is indeed black, in heart, in mind, in body and in spirit, and in the immortal words of HOV, 'I will not lose'.

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